Friday, December 12, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - decorations

It's time to deck the halls, dress the tree, share kind words and christmas wishes with loved ones and most of all enjoy the spirit of Christmas with the BrisStyle Christmas Decoration Gift Guide.

Clockwise from top left - mini dream catcher ornaments - Spirit Fire, snowflake and sheet music garland - 3 Girls and A Goat, origami ornament - Kimono Reincarnate, Dalek Christmas card - Planet Pickle, assorted gift tags - The Print Press Studio, hand painted reindeer magnet - Marta Walenda, felt star ornament - In Pink Ink

Don't forget it's the final City Hall Indie Market on Saturday and it'll be your last chance to pick up some fab handmade cards and decorations from your favourite BrisStyler.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - presents for the eco conscious

Looking for something for the eco warrior in your family this Christmas? Many of our lovely BrisStylers incorporate ecologically sound practices into their work. From those who creatively reuse paper and found objects to those who only use recycled fabric, findings and silver there are plenty of eco friendly goodies to keep the greenies happy this festive season. Here's just a small selection to whet the appetite:

Clockwise from top left - vintage map necklace - Myclectic, recycled papier-mache earrings - Flight Paths for Paper Birds, one of a kind necklace - Wimcee, woodland decor - Kuber Store, screen printed cushion - Easter Bonnet, raindrop necklace - Epheriell, tallowood possum brooch - Core 

Don't forget it's the final City Hall Indie Market on Saturday and it'll be your last chance to pick up some fab handmade wares from your favourite BrisStyler.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - girls under 10

Quirky and unique gifts for girls under 10 are easy to find with the BrisStyle Gift Guide! From lego jewellery to bath products and even something for the little chef, there's something to make every little girls christmas wishes come true.

Clockwise from top left - My Tote House - Red Fox Ink, fine art print - Poppy Wynter, Rabbit brooch - I make it au, apron and chefs hat - C.HottesStuff, hair pins - Kimono Reincarnate, lego ring - CacyCat, bubble bath cupcake - Oasis Products Au.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - work colleague

Looking for a special something for a work mate or friend? Marta has collated a collection of BrisStyle goodies to help you with the last of your Christmas shopping.

From top left corner clockwise - silver earrings - Two Plums, cake plate - Take Two, coin purse - Shelley Berelli, Japanese fabric, resin and silver earrings - Kimono Reincarnate, Twist, turn and tie 50 Japanese Braids - Braid and Bead Studio, polka dot crochet hook - The Spotted Hook, music note earrings - Myclectic, writers blocks - Red Fox Ink, glass covers - C.HottesStuff, textured silver bracelet - Small Green Leaf, handmade soap - Oasis Products Au

Monday, December 8, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - Mum

With the tradition of the twelve days of Christmas I've brought you twelve gift ideas by BrisStyle members for Mum. These gifts cover craft, art, homewares and the much needed bling of uniquely made jewellery. You may even find something you like! Happy holidays and enjoy the selection.

Michelle Pujol

1. open pod earrings - Two Plums 2. Japanese print wristlet - Shelly Berelli 3. stacking art work - Cross your heart 4. polka dot crochet hook - The spotted hook 5. yarn bowl - Servant Ceramics 6. teardrop earrings - Small Green Leaf
7. blue woven fused glass fruit bowl - Simone McCluskie  8. ruby throated hummingbird fine art print - Winnifred's Daughter, 9. sterling silver open drop earrings - Kimono Reincarnate  10. art work wooden block - Mon Manabu
11. new growth specimen pendant - Michelle Pujol Jewellery 12. tree branch slice necklace - Mon Manabu

Sunday, December 7, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - geek gifts

Are you looking for something for the geek in your life? Looking for something a little different? Something original? Are you a supporter of local artisans? Then check out these geek gifts, handmade by our wonderful BrisStyle members.


From top left corner clockwise - Star Trek gold earrings - Planet Pickle, Tardis bobby pin hair slides - ChocRain, robot crayons - Poppisox, Dr Who Ood wallet - Sharlzdolcz, linen thread nest sculpture - Kuberstore, Troy crystal point necklace - Love Chrissa, Starry night brooch - Edward and Lily, acrylic black cat - Short Cuts Laser

Saturday, December 6, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - Dad

Dads are always super hard to buy for, but we have you covered with a range of beautiful handmade gifts that are sure to have Dad smiling through Christmas day.


From bottom left to top right - muscle energiser body massage blend - Ameretat, Sea Spray Soap - Oasis Products Au, hand painted pendant necklace - Marta Walenda, Tardis cufflinks - Handmade High Street, The Beatles Series, Genius Blocks - Red Fox Ink, desk organiser - I make it au, leather flip wallet - I make it au, elephant cushion cover - Jane Blue Horn